Suspension and Shocks Services

The shock absorbers and suspension system in your car are very important. You only have to drive without these components at their best for you to know how much they contribute to making you enjoy your drive.  With the cold Wisconsin winters, causing rough road conditions with plenty of bumps and uneven surfaces, our automobiles need to be maintained often. This is why it is important to notice when your shock and suspension system are in need of a tune up at your local auto shop. The good news is that there are many signs that will warn you when the time comes to replace your shock absorbers and suspension system:

1) When your car has a longer stopping distance

One of the signs of a worn out shock and suspension system is having a vehicle that needs to travel for a longer distance in order to stop. Having a worn out suspension system will increase the stopping distance of a vehicle by more than 20% in some cases.

It’s important to have a check up with your local car mechanic as soon as you notice your coil springs, leaf springs, strut and mount and shock absorbers are not working as they should.

2) Swerving and nose dives

You will also need to replace your shock and suspension system if you find that your car is increasingly swerving and nose diving when you apply the brakes. These are classic signs of a faulty shock and suspension system. The danger in continuing to drive a vehicle in this condition is that you will find it very hard to control your car in poor weather.

3) Vibrations through the steering wheel

Another classic sign of a worn out shock and suspension system is feeling vibrations through your steering wheel as you are driving. This happens when your shock absorbers are not working properly and thus the wheels of your car are not in optimal contact with the surface of the road that you are driving on. This will naturally lead to the vibrations that you will feel through the steering wheel.

4) Uneven tire wear

Cars that have properly functioning shock and suspension systems will have all their tires wearing out at the same rate. However, if a car’s shock absorbers and suspension systems are not working properly, then you will have some tires wearing out faster than others. This is something that can be readily seen when inspecting your car. This is a sign that you need to have your shock absorbers and suspension checked.

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