Steering and Suspension Services

One of the most overlooked components in cars is the power steering system. The steering and suspension system will work to make sure that you get to enjoy a smooth, balanced and stable ride. However, if there are defects or if any component of the two systems is damaged, you will quickly find out how important these parts are. It is not uncommon to find drivers setting auto appointments at their car mechanic’s car repair shop in order to fix their vehicles and get them back on the road. This means that you should be get regular auto maintenance so that you are not caught unaware of a faulty steering system. The following are some of the things that should make you want to bring your car to our auto shop for maintenance:

  1. The car has been emitting strange sounds and noises when driving over bumps
  2. The car has been bouncing all over while you are driving.
  3. It has been getting difficult to turn your car
  4. Uneven tire wear
  5. Wandering wheels

When you start noticing these signs, you should bring your in to our auto service shop immediately so that our expert car professionals can assess the problem and offer a quick and affordable solution that will put you back on the road in no time at all. The following are some of the things that you should expect to be done by our car mechanics:

Auto Steering

A complete assessment of the following car components:

1) Front End
2) Read End
3) Shocks
4) Coil Springs
5) Struts

6) Bushings
7) CV Joints and Axles
8) Chassis Parts
9) Wheel Bearings
10) Differential

11) Power Steering pump
12) Power Steering Fluid
13) Steering gear
14) Rack and pinion, power steering hose

You can rest assured that our auto repair shop is the best out of all the other local auto shops in Janesville, WI that you will find in your search for a reputable car mechanic who will not worsen the state of your car.

We will carry out diagnostic testing on your steering system, which includes the following components:

(1) the steering wheel and attached shaft in the steering column, which are connected to the steering gear;

(2) the steering gear that increases the mechanical advantage while changing the rotary motion of the steering wheel to linear motion; and

(3) the steering linkage(including the tie rod and tie-rod ends) that carries the linear motion to the steering-knuckle arms.

In order to ensure that your power steering mechanism works for a long time without any outside intervention, the following are some of the things that you should look out for:

  • Do not mix size or type (all season, performance, mud and snow) of tires on the same axle
  • Mount tires only on same or approved rim widths
  • Proper wheel alignment adjusts the angle of the wheels so they are positioned correctly relative to the vehicle’s frame and maximizes the life of your tires
  • AWD & 4-WD vehicles may require the replacement of all four tires, at the same time, in order to avoid damage to drive-train components.

Expert car servicing

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